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PREVIEW: Motherland Christmas Special, BBC Two

In Motherland, Christmas comes but once a year, and thank God for that, because it’s time for Amanda’s annual festive soiree (dress code: tinsel and tiaras). Nothing says Christmas like evil Santa, a 30-foot Christmas tree, Anne’s Christmas cocktails and very strict rules about where you can and can’t drink mulled wine.

Only Meg has an official party invite, but Julia, Kevin and Liz tag along as her plus-threes. They struggle to fit in with the Alpha crowd, but for Julia, it’s still a welcome distraction from playing festive butler to a house full of in-laws.

Meanwhile, Liz is trying to ignore Christmas altogether, whilst Kevin is single-handedly stuffing, wrapping, roasting, par-boiling, laying up, washing up and decorating himself into an early grave.

Motherland Christmas Special airs Wednesday 23 December at 9pm on BBC Two.


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