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PREVIEW: Krept And Konan - We Are England, BBC Three

Krept and Konan create a new England football anthem for the Euros with the help of England players and manager Gareth Southgate, in new exclusive doc.

As we emerge into the sunlight from the long shadow of lockdown, the UEFA Euros Tournament in June is already one of the world’s most highly anticipated sporting events. And, with the final on 11 July taking place on the hallowed turf of Wembley, in Krept and Konan's home city of London, football really is coming home this summer.

But the changing rooms of today’s top tier teams now move to a whole different beat than the Three Lions anthem of Euros 96.

The lifestyle, attitude, slang and swagger of rap culture is replicated in the national football team - itself now one of the youngest and most diverse it has ever been. Many of the country’s biggest rappers came up honing their football skills and their rap lyrics on our city streets and in the ‘cages’ of the UK’s estates, just as top ballers grew up surrounded by hip hop culture, looking up to rap stars.

In making a new England football anthem, Krept and Konan will be setting out to explore what Englishness actually means in 2021. It’s never been a simple question for those of non-white British heritage, but it’s a question they need to tackle if they are going to create an authentic track to celebrate the national football team.

Available on BBC Three from Wednesday 9th June.


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