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PREVIEW: Bradley Walsh's How To Win A Game Show, ITV

Bradley Walsh’s How To Win A Gameshow gives viewers the inside track on how to win big on their favourite quizzes and giveaway shows.

Filled with the quick wit and laugh-out-loud comedy fans love from Mr Walsh, it stars some of the best presenters in the business including Ant and Dec, Stephen Mulhern and Ben Shephard.

They all give their top tips and cheeky insights into how to beat the gameshow gods and take home some serious prizes.

Whether it’s cunning game plans, getting into the right mindset or just being up for a laugh, these familiar faces of the gameshow world have plenty of insider info up their sleeves.

Plus, there’s stories of familiar winners, losers and entertaining contestants from over the years to relive - including the Weakest Link star who went above and beyond in a bid to make formidable host Anne Robinson laugh.

From Gladiators to Pets Win Prizes via Deal or No Deal, The Chase, Tipping Point and more it’s time to cheer, chuckle, cringe and commiserate as host Bradley Walsh takes a trip down gameshow memory lane.

Bradley Walsh's How To Win A Gameshow airs Sunday 20th December at 9:15pm on ITV.


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