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PREVIEW: 999 What's Your Emergency? (Series 13), Channel 4

A brand-new season starts as 999: What's Your Emergency? returns to the front line to examine the role the police play in these testing times.

This first episode, filmed with South Yorkshire Police, reveals what happens when people decide to take revenge on each other. Across the UK, neighbourhood feuds are all too common and some disputes descend into violence. South Yorkshire police receive 800 calls a day from people taking the law into their own hands.

On a Saturday night in Sheffield, police respond when a man reports that he's being attacked by his partner after she came home and found him with a prostitute. A woman is under siege from a neighbour who claims he is sorting out neighbourhood problems by smashing cars with a hammer.

On the outskirts of Doncaster, there's a brawl outside a supermarket as three men attack someone who they suspect of causing their family harm. According to a 2020 Home Office report, the British public is losing faith in the criminal justice system. With fewer than 8% of cases resulting in a suspect being charged, many people have given up even reporting incidents and seek justice in revenge.

On a quiet Sunday afternoon, PC Zielinski and PC Tim Wildman are despatched to an area of east Doncaster, in which organised crime groups are rife, to investigate a report of assault. But when they arrive on scene they are met with a wall of silence from the local community.

Six hours later there's a sudden dramatic escalation when multiple reports confirm a new incident: a horrific hit and run which leaves the victims seriously injured in the street.

999 What's Your Emergency? returns Tuesday 8th June at 9pm on Channel 4.


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