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Dirty House Rescue: Queens Of Clean | Preview (E4)

Behind closed doors, people are drowning in their own filth and just can't claw their way out. But fear not, as four 'Queens of Clean' - the next generation of professional cleaners and dynamite organisers - answer SOS calls from all around Britain.

Charnel, Lola, Luke and Adam help us ditch the dirt, clean the clutter, and most important of all, change lives, one home at a time, as they share their super cool cleaning hacks and brilliant organisational techniques.

In this first episode, creative friends Brendan and Chloe love to support their local LGBTQ+ community but have a bit of a problem closer to home.

Their whole house is completely covered in clutter and full to the brim with trinkets and rubbish, not to mention the kitchen, which is not only home to trillions of bacteria, but also a mouse...

Since lockdown, things have got so bad that not even their nearest and dearest visit. Will Adam and Lola get these two whipped into shape so they can throw open their doors to friends and family?

Meanwhile, Charnel and Luke head to Newcastle to help 21-year-old former fashion student Annie, whose ADHD is a contributing factor to her messy room which in turn is stopping her finding focus for the things she used to love.

Can they give Annie the tools she needs to focus on a neat and tidy future?

Dirty House Rescue: Queens Of Clean begins Thursday 8th September at 10pm on E4.


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