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Worst House On The Street | Preview (Channel 4)

In this brand-new show, brother and sister property developers Scarlette and Stuart Douglas use their creative expertise to help families transform run-down houses into dream homes without blowing the bank.

With over 70% of renovations going over time and over budget, Scarlette and Stuart use every trick in their book to help families make their money go further than they ever thought possible.

Scarlette and Stuart also share innovative take-home tips and tricks that are useful for any homeowner looking to revamp and modernise their property.

Each episode ends with a breathtaking reveal of all the painstaking hard work that has been done, as Scarlette and Stuart disclose just how much the overall renovation has increased the value of each property, with some spectacular results.

In this episode, Scarlette and Stuart help young professional couple Harry and Yimika to totally transform their tired and ugly terraced house in Croydon into one of the best on the block.

It's not an easy job after asbestos is discovered, costing valuable time and money. But Scarlette and Stuart come to their rescue, saving them a small fortune by finding a supplier offering discounts on kitchen work surfaces, bringing valuable design advice to create a stylish front porch, and suggesting spray-painting the shabby window frames to make them look brand new.

Worst House On The Street begins Tuesday 2nd August at 8pm on Channel 4.


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