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Will Young: Losing My Twin Rupert | Preview (Channel 4)

Singer Will Young lived with his twin brother Rupert's alcoholism for over 20 years. Until Rupert's untimely death in July 2020.

In this shockingly honest and moving film, Will and his family speak candidly about the pain and drama of coping with a loved one's addiction. As well as coming to terms with his grief, Will sets out to understand the impact alcoholism can have on families.

He meets a podcaster and campaigner who's battled her own issues with alcohol and shows him the residential rehab centre where she started her recovery. He also encounters an expert who works on the front line of addiction treatment, who acknowledges the woeful lack of help for those who are alcohol dependent.

And he meets the woman whose innovative art project aims to break down stigma and provoke frank conversations about the difficult feelings caused by dealing with the addiction of a loved one.

Will Young: Losing My Twin Rupert airs Tuesday 10th May at 10pm on Channel 4.


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