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Tony Robinson’s Museum of Us | Preview (More4)

Join Sir Tony Robinson as he meets groups of residents from different streets across the UK, helping them to create unique pop-up museums celebrating the hidden history behind their front doors.

With the help of an expert design team working with local museums and curators, everyday citizens from four towns and cities - Bristol, Birmingham, Aberystwyth and Norwich - explore their own street's history and unearth surprising stories and hidden treasures.

Working against the clock, the residents, design team and Tony must construct an immersive community museum, ready to open to the public - all in in just seven days!

In this first episode, Sir Tony Robinson and the expert design team join forces with the residents of Hebron Road in Bedminster, Bristol, to create a pop-up museum, celebrating the history of their street.

While some residents discover the street's close links to the local chocolate and tobacco factories, another delves into the history of a famous local fraudster who claimed to be foreign royalty.

New skills are learned at a welding workshop and an old mystery is solved by delving into the archives. Meanwhile, the design team struggle to find an available venue for the pop-up, and with only seven days to build the entire exhibition, will the show be ready in time?

Begins Monday 17th October at 9pm on More4.


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