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Paranormal: The Village That Saw Aliens | Preview (BBC Three)

It’s 1977, and 14 schoolboys from a village in west Wales make headlines around the world after they claim to see a UFO in the playground.

The media frenzy is fuelled by the fact the boys had been placed under exam conditions and asked to draw what they saw. All depict a large silver craft with eery similarities. But their 'close encounter' is only the start. It triggers a wave of unexplained phenomena along the coastline.

Digging out reports about the schoolboys, natural sceptic and Radio 1 presenter Sian Eleri feels compelled to find out what really happened. She heads to the seaside village of Broad Haven, where it all began; her first mission is to track down the boys. She’s soon in deep, managing to trace the original drawings and chasing leads on the lads. But will any of them speak to her after all this time?

There’s a breakthrough when Sian tracks down the case files of original investigator, Randall Jones Pugh. They’ve been locked away for more than 30 years – until now. She’s struck by first-hand accounts of how petrified the boys were. And the case files themselves come with a caution. Randall dropped the case when something spooked him.

Sian tests other theories - did the boys see a military craft? Was it a playground joke that went too far? But things take a chilling turn when Sian meets a woman who was at the school at the time and is still haunted by it all. She’s clear it wasn’t just the children who saw something… And Sian’s about to find a tape of a new witness who takes the extraterrestrial encounters to another level.

The Paranormal returns Friday 14th June on BBC Three.


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