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The Motorway | Series 3 Preview (Channel 5)

With exclusive access to Britain’s motorway patrol teams, this 10-part series of The Motorway goes out on the road and inside high-tech control rooms to follow an unseen army of men and women who watch over our fastest roads and come to our rescue, any time of the day or night

Motorway patrollers Gavin and Ryan race to a serious car fire on the M60, fearing that someone may be trapped inside. A breakdown in the middle of the night in an unlit section of motorway puts lives in danger.

And a serious accident is narrowly averted when an HGV runs over a rogue wheelbarrow on the M60, but Gavin and Martin must then find a way to get it out from underneath the seven-tonne truck.

The Motorway returns Monday 25th September on Channel 5.


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