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The Love Trap | Preview (Channel 4)

Joel Dommett presents this brand-new reality game show that keeps us all guessing to the end.

One eligible bachelor looks for love in a mansion house full of beautiful women. But only half of the women are genuinely looking for love... the other half are in relationships and playing for a big cash prize.

At the end of each episode, our bachelor eliminates one contestant. But they won't be leaving through the door, they'll be leaving through the floor when they're dumped, quite literally, though a trapdoor.

Can you spot a love match from a love trap?! Single man David arrives at the luxurious mansion looking for the one, but he discovers that half of the girls are in fact in relationships and playing to win a big cash prize.

The Love Trap begins Wednesday 20th October at 10pm on Channel 4 and All4.

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