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The Island With Tom Allen | Preview (Dave)

Tom Allen fronts Dave's new comedy format, The Island. Across eight episodes, Allen takes on the role of Captain of the SS Unsinkable which has run aground!

Thankfully there are four undiscovered islands ahead that the passengers can go and live on, and Captain Tom is trusting his comic friends – Sara Pascoe, Johnny Vegas, Ninia Benjamin and Ahir Shah – as leaders of the islands.

They must make their own personal dream desert island the best and attract the most passengers to win the series. Each week, Allen will put these four islands, and their leaders to the test - who's got the best house band? How do you even judge that?

Kemah Bob and Jason Forbes will be on hand as they bring 'live' reports from the islands, to make sure nothing is missed. In the first episode the leaders must name their islands, decide who their Chief of Police will be, what their national drink should be – and must make a bust of themselves out of clay so their inhabitants know what they look like.

The Island is devised and executive produced by James Acaster, Ed Gamble, Lloyd Langford and John Robins, and produced by Super Best Quality Video Productions.

The Island with Tom Allen begins Wednesday 23rd March at 10pm on Dave.

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