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The Holiday | Preview (Channel 5)

The holiday is turned on its head when Kate intercepts moody Sean’s text messages from ‘CoralGirl’ and suspects him of having an affair.

As Kate’s imagination runs wild over the true identity of ‘CoralGirl’ and her husband’s betrayal, she fails to notice that Lucy is ravelled up in a mysterious situation with Jenny’s dysfunctional son Jake. With Kate’s obsession over the affair heightening, will this holiday threaten her idyllic life, and how far will people go to hide secrets?

As tensions continue to simmer throughout the villa, Kate is warned to be cautious when she raises her suspicions regarding Sean to Izzy. And Jenny’s husband Alistair finds himself compromised when a freaked-out Lucy accuses him of secretly taking photos of her.

Already on edge, Kate approaches the situation with all guns blazing, but is proved wrong when she demands to see Alistair’s phone: the pictures are from a fake Instagram account that Alistair has created to keep tabs on Jake, whose behaviour is becoming increasingly erratic.

Mystery surrounding Lucy’s continuing paranoia deepens as she accuses younger brother Daniel of also filming her surreptitiously. Resolving to blow the identity of ‘CoralGirl’, Kate uses Sean’s phone to orchestrate a meeting out in the scrubland surrounding the villa. Taking a knife to encounter her love rival, Kate is shocked when her husband’s suspected lover is finally identified.

The Holiday begins Tuesday 01st March at 9pm on Channel 5. Continued over four nights.


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