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The Guilty Innocent With Christopher Eccleston | Preview (Sky History)

The Guilty Innocent is a gripping new series that explores some of the biggest miscarriages of justice in history.

Each meticulously researched episode will see EMMY award-winning actor Christopher Eccleston lead an in-depth contemporary investigation into some of the world’s most infamous cases of wrongful convictions.

Using archive footage, talking head interviews with historical experts and reconstruction, each exciting close-ended episode will bring to life these fascinating stories and explore why and how the system got the wrong person and what it says about our world today. 

Christopher Eccleston said: “The pursuit of justice is a subject matter which has peppered my career with dramas that remain special to me and have, in their own way, swayed public opinion. The Guilty Innocent is another project which pursues justice, or the lack of it, through a new medium which has allowed me to explore another means of storytelling.”

Dan Korn, VP of Programming said, “With the criminal justice system under ever greater scrutiny, there has never been a more important time to re-examine historic cases which sparked popular activism and widespread campaigning for change. And with his passion and presence, there is no one better than Christopher Eccleston to take us back to the sights and sounds of Britain in the 1960s and ‘70s”.

Victoria Williams, Producer and Co-CEO of Redeeming Features said, “In the wake of the Horizon scandal, there’s never been a better time to examine miscarriages of justice, so we are all really excited to be making this gripping new series for A&E.

"From the new season of ‘True Detective’ to ‘Our Friends In The North’ and ‘Doctor Who’, Christopher Eccleston is one of the best British actors working today, so to see him investigate these stories and bring them to life is a dream come true.”

The Guilty Innocent begins Tuesday 14th May on Sky


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