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Superworm | Preview (BBC One)

The first-rate voice cast will be headlined by Oscar-winner Olivia Colman as Narrator and Emmy nominee Matt Smith playing the hero, Superworm.

They are joined by Patricia Allison (Sex Education) as Butterfly, Kobna Holdbrook-Smith as Wizard Lizard and Rob Brydon (Gavin & Stacey) as the Crow, with Cariad Lloyd as Mama Toad.

Superworm is a comic hero with a difference. Super-long, super-strong and big-hearted, he and his best friend Butterfly are always helping all the other garden creatures - whether he's saving baby toad from a major road, rescuing beetle from down a well, or even becoming a skipping rope to entertain some bored bees.

Superworm too often takes all the credit. When the wicked Wizard Lizard hears about Superworm's special skills, he decides to kidnap Superworm to help him find treasure. Despite everything, with her friend in deep trouble, Butterfly comes to the rescue, convincing the other creatures to help her with a daring plan…


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