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Sue Perkins: Lost In Alaska | Preview (Channel 5)

Sue Perkins goes on the adventure of a lifetime to discover the great state of Alaska, America’s last frontier. A place of extreme weather, wildlife, wilderness, and ways of life.

Across three heartwarming and humour-packed episodes, she jumps in at the deep end to see if she has what it takes to survive at the edge of civilisation – learning about Alaska’s fascinating history, breathtaking nature, and meeting the incredible people who call it home, from gold prospectors and native communities to hunters and doomsday preppers.

In this first episode, Sue starts her Alaskan adventure in Anchorage, on the edge of civilisation and thousands of miles from her hometown of Croydon! She’s come to America’s last frontier to see if she has what it takes to survive in the wilderness – a place of adventure, beauty, and danger…

With that in mind, Sue begins her journey with a very necessary trip to a survival school, where she learns how to protect herself in the event of a bear attack… With mixed results.

As she continues her adventure to discover more about the Alaskan way of life, she’s confronted with some uncomfortable realities, such as the precarious relationship between Alaska’s human and wildlife populations. She also discovers Alaska’s enduring Russian heritage and puts her body on the line as she feeds a rather pushy baby moose.

Into Alaska with Sue Perkins begins Friday 9th February on Channel 5.


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