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Social Media Murders | Series 2 Preview (ITV2)

Following the success of the first series on ITV2, ITV Factual Entertainment have recommissioned a new series of Social Media Murders for ITVX.

This true-crime series exploring shocking cases that resulted in the murder of a young person, where in each instance, social media brought the culprit and the victim together, was ITV2’s biggest programme on ITV Hub after Love Island, in 2021.

Providing a compelling yet cautionary insight into the experiences of young people affected by disturbing 21st century crime, the initial three films put the victim at the centre of the narrative alongside material obtained from social media accounts and mobile phones which immersed viewers in the events as they unfolded.

Episode 1 - Ashley Wadsworth was lured to her death via social media. The unlikely love affair between the Canadian Mormon and a tattooed Essex boy began online and ended in murder.

Episode 2 - Chilling documentary about Alice Ruggles who was brutally killed by a calculating ex-boyfriend. Discover how he used social media and the internet to stalk and torment her.

Episode 3 - Bianca Devins in upstate New York is murdered by an incel who posts his actions online. Follow the family’s battle to stop the images from spreading around the world.

Episode 4 - Mikey Rainsford, a talented skateboarder is murdered in Liverpool. Missing a murder weapon and a motive, a Snapchat message where the killers brag about their plan helps the police crack the case.

Social Media Murders returns Monday 25th September at 9pm on ITV2.


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