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Sister Boniface Mysteries: Christmas Special | Preview (Drama)

Lorna Watson returns as Sister Boniface, TV's favourite Vespa-driving, crime-solving Catholic nun, in a new feature length Christmas special, based loosely on Murder on the Orient Express.

Stranded on a snowbound train at Christmas, Sister Boniface is confronted by the theft of a cursed jewel and an impossible murder. Star of the Orient: Sister Boniface and Sam (Max Brown) are travelling to visit family at Christmas when their train carriage becomes stranded in the snow.

The pompous Sir Swinton Usher (Rupert Vansittart) reluctantly agrees to the other passengers joining him in his private carriage. As they settle for the night, the lights suddenly go out. Lamps are lit and when Sir Swinton checks the safe, it is empty. The Star of the Orient, a priceless cursed jewel, has been stolen.

Sister Boniface and Sam discover the body of one of the passengers in the snow outside the train.

Meanwhile Felix (Jerry Iwu) and Peggy (Ami Metcalfe) face the mystery of a naked frozen corpse, whilst Reverend Mother Adrian (Carolyn Pickles) devastates the nuns when she announces that Christmas is cancelled.

Airs Tuesday 19th December on Drama channel.


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