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Shetland | Series 6 Preview (BBC One)

Acclaimed murder-mystery series Shetland returns for a new thrilling six-part tale, as DI Perez and the team investigate the doorstep murder of a prominent local figure.

Perez attends his mother’s funeral on Fair Isle, but his grief is cut short when Tosh informs him that an influential local man has been shot dead on his doorstep in broad daylight.

Known across The Isles, the murder victim had his fair share of enemies, not least because he played a part in the compassionate release of murderer Donna Killick. Many of the locals are aggrieved at her imminent return, none more so than Kate Kilmuir, the victim’s sister. While Duncan empathises with Donna’s fate, Sandy is torn both professionally and personally about her release.

Perez, Tosh and Sandy uncover a kaleidoscope of motives for the murder, and possible suspects including addict Lynda Morton and war veteran Logan Creggan.

As the case strikes at the heart of the Shetland Isles and its people, the team uncover a potential witness to the murder - but their investigation soon takes a shockingly sinister turn.

Perez is played by Douglas Henshall, Tosh by Alison O’Donnell, Donna Killick by Fiona Bell, Kate Kilmuir by Neve McIntosh, Duncan by Mark Bonnar, Sandy by Steven Robertson, Lynda Morton by Kate Bracken and Logan Creggan by Stephen McCole. Also starring Erin Armstrong, Lewis Howden, Anne Kidd, Anneika Rose, Jim Sturgeon, Cora Bissett, Alec Newman, Lois Chimimba, Lewis Gribben, Angus Miller, Lucianne McEvoy, Benny Young and Andy Clark.

Shetland returns Wednesday 20th October at 9pm on BBC One.


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