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PREVIEW: Rolling In It (Ep5), ITV

Three teams - made up of the player and their celebrity partner - have to roll a coin down a moving conveyor belt towards slots which are labelled with large cash sums to win, but they must avoid the dreaded ‘Bankrupt’ slots which mean the player loses everything.

As the game progresses, the money values get larger, but so do the penalties. The roll of one final coin determines whether the contestant leaves empty handed or goes home ‘Rolling In It.’

Stephen Mulhern is joined by comedian Jo Brand, actor Will Mellor and Radio 2 presenter Richie Anderson for the gameshow in which everything can change on the roll of a coin. Three contestants will take on one of the biggest arcade games in the world in a bid to win thousands of pounds, but who will go home Rolling In It?

Rolling In It continues Saturday on ITV.

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