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Rise & Fall | Episode 13 Preview (Channel 4)

The Red Room drama escalates as the impasse between Jack, Rossi, Moses and Connor continues. They need to decide whether Sydney or Sophie will be the next Ruler, but no one is prepared to change their mind and the prize fund is dropping…

With precious money lost from the prize fund, the Grafters must take on the next work shift, working as baggage handlers to find contraband items and send the bags to the correct destination. It’s both mentally and physically taxing, but will the Grafters have the will to give it their all when the Rulers have lost them so much money?

Eddy tries to rally the troops: “It can be a s*** show up there but we’ve got to keep it solid down here.”

With the Rulers unable to make decisions, Rise and Fall shifts the power balance and, for the first time, the Grafters are asked to vote for which Ruler they want to see fall next and be eliminated from the game.

Eddy: “They’ve all got their qualities but they’ve also got massive, massive flaws.”

Matt: “The Penthouse can change the best of us. Power can corrupt people. Power can corrupt your character, morals and values.”

Isaak: “It feels good to have power. It’s the first time I’ve had it since I’ve been here and I knew straight away who I wanted out.”

Ramona: “I’m not voting against people who are strong and know what they’re doing. I’m voting for the individual who’s the weakest leader.”

Rise & Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.


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