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PREVIEW: Pose (S3), BBC Two

1994 - As the AIDS epidemic continues to ravage their community, the ballroom scene is changing.

Ambitious young Lemar has struck out with a house of his own, The House Of Khan, and aims to capitalise on the scene’s mainstream success by monetising its talent and creativity.

But Blanca still sees her role as mother in a different light, and rises to the challenge of getting her house in order to stand for different values. She’ll have her work cut out.

With Pray Tell having fallen prey to a drinking problem, Angel becoming disillusioned with her modelling prospects, and most of her other children having moved out or giving in to dangerous habits, she will have to draw on strength supplied by a new romantic relationship to provide hope and gather her flock. Will it work?

Pose is available on BBC iPlayer as a boxset from Sunday 8 August.

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