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Police: Suspect No. 1 | Series 3 Preview (Channel 5)

What does it really take for detectives to bring a criminal to justice? When a serious crime has been committed, officers must first identify a suspect. Next, they must search for rock solid evidence. Then detectives must put their case to the test - face to face with the suspect in the interview room. Will the evidence stand or fall? Will the suspect tell the truth? Or will they manage to hide it?

With exclusive access to Humberside CID, Police: Suspect No. 1 reveals the meticulous work of detectives as they navigate their way through the twists and turns of investigation, gathering the clues that could ultimately reveal the truth.

From mass street brawls to violent assault, from sexual offences to drugs and attempted murder, it’s a race against time to identify and apprehend Suspect No. 1 before they strike again. And then officers face a pivotal showdown, looking their accused square in the eyes in the interview room.

Will suspects lie? Will they deny everything? Will the police finally uncover enough irrefutable evidence to bring charges as the minutes and hours in custody tick away. Can they find, catch and ultimately nail Suspect No. 1?

In this first episode, shop workers are left terrified when two men, one armed with a meat cleaver, the other with a kitchen knife, launch separate violent crime sprees robbing store tills for quick wads of cash. Humberside Police must now find both perpetrators before they strike again.

In Grimsby, CCTV shows a man bursting into a busy shop armed with a meat cleaver. But with his hood pulled down over his face detectives must now uncover his identify. DC Andy Taylor and DS Ryan Johnson investigate a theory that the suspect could live nearby. It’s vital they find the clothing worn in the robbery and then link it to their emerging number one suspect.

In Hull, another man, making no attempt to hide his identity, robs a Post Office armed with a large kitchen knife - and prepared to use it. Police quickly link him to other recent violent robberies. But with no fixed address, how do they trace him? When news of a possible sighting comes in PC Hannah Saleh acts fast.

Detectives finally sit eye to eye with each suspect in separate interview rooms. Have the police found enough evidence? Will the cases stand up? Will the suspects walk, or face the full force of the law? It’s down to tough questioning and nerves of steel.

Police Suspect No.1 returns Monday 15th July at 9pm on Channel 5.


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