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Paul Hollywood Eats Mexico | Preview (Channel 4)

Paul Hollywood returns in a new series, as he sets off on another culinary voyage of discovery to a country that is as yet a mystery to him: Mexico.

Paul explores the character, culture and history of Mexico through its food and drink, from the sprawling megalopolis of Mexico City to the American border in Tijuana and the Caribbean coast in Cancun.

Across his adventure, Paul samples fresh cactus, the country's hottest chilli, the perfect taco, Michelin-quality street food and even a scorpion! He visits a Mexican town obsessed with Cornish pasties and the world's most extraordinary (and dangerous) firework festival.

He also meets some of the country's top chefs and learns how they take inspiration from the country around them - and its extraordinary history.

In this episode, Paul spends his first week in the country's eponymous capital, Mexico City - a sprawling, food-obsessed megalopolis of 21 million people. And Paul's week starts well with the best taco he's ever had, but he learns that most Mexican food we get in the UK is actually an Americanised version called Tex-Mex.

He then learns why avocados are now the world's most dangerous fruit and discovers how to make pan dulce - Mexico's favourite bread. He also attempts to eat a tarantula and goes on a takeaway food tour of the capital with a biker gang.

Finally, Paul rounds off his week playing the epic ancient Mexican game of fire hockey.

The full series will be available to stream or download for free on All 4 following the transmission of this episode on Sunday 10th July.


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