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Paul Whitehouse’s Sketch Show Years | Preview (Gold)

The nation’s favourite comedy channel Gold has teamed up with the maestro of the sketch show, Mr Paul Whitehouse (The Fast Show, Harry & Paul), for a major new celebration of the genre – Paul Whitehouse’s Sketch Show Years (4x40’).

Personally curated and narrated by Paul, the series will take viewers on a journey through the much-loved comic's favourite British sketch shows of the past 60 years, with each episode broadly covering a decade in sketch show history.

Iconic shows such as The Two Ronnies, Not the Nine O’Clock News, Harry Enfield & Chums, The Fast Show and The Catherine Tate Show which have mirrored the story of modern Britain, as well as providing laughter-packed entertainment and a host of unforgettable characters and catchphrases, will be explored by Paul, alongside his own unique insights, shedding light on a host of comedy moments that have influenced him throughout the years. 

Paul Whitehouse said, “I don’t generally describe myself as an expert in anything – but I suppose it’s fair to say if there’s one subject I do know a bit about, it’s sketch comedy - it’s been great going back over the classics and reminding myself what’s really made me laugh and inspired me the most since I was a kid.”


UKTV's Helen Nightingale said, “It’s an absolute pleasure to be working with North One again, and with Paul Whitehouse on this series! Sketch shows are a much-loved genre in TV comedy history and are deeply ingrained in British culture - and who better than Paul Whitehouse to take us on a funny, nostalgic trip down memory lane.”


UKTV's Gerald Casey added “We are delighted to have Paul Whitehouse back on the channel, he is a comedy legend and I know that Gold viewers are going to be so excited to hear his take on the sketch shows from the last five decades!”


John Quinn said, “It’s always been a total joy to work with Paul down the years – and his genuine enthusiasm for the TV art-form where he first made his name has been especially contagious.”


Paul Whitehouse’s Sketch Show Years will air on Gold in June. This is the latest commission from UKTV’s comedy channel, Gold.



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