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Nick Knowles' Big House Clearout | Series 2 Preview (Channel 5)

Stripping the families’ homes bare, and reconstructing them room by room, Nick helps families part with precious memories and ditch a lifetime of belongings.

His team then transforms their homes from top to bottom, including cosy family spaces, stunning bedrooms, creative storage solutions and much more. In the first episode of the new series, Nick heads to the naval town of Portsmouth in Hampshire to meet three generations squeezed together in a three-bed semi that’s bursting at the seams in an extraordinary challenge full of emotion and memories.

When Sarah’s husband Trevor suddenly passed away, she had to return from Dubai to her old house — in which her daughter Stevie and fiveyear- old granddaughter Hermonie were living.

Coping with grief, Sarah was unable to face sorting through a lifetime of belongings. So for a year, the house has been totally packed with clutter from the attic to the outhouses, and it’s become the way they live. Meanwhile, Stevie’s cake-making clutter has reached epic proportions, and Hermonie’s bedroom is a swamp of hundreds of soft toys.

The family are desperate for change as their home is no longer fit for purpose. So Nick is offering them a truly life-changing deal: clear out half their unwanted belongings in return for a massive house makeover.

The problem is that Sarah loves dark and cosy, while Stevie loves light and airy! Nick’s team completely empty their home and transfer 295 boxes of their worldly possession to Southsea pier ballroom to recreate their home room by room.

Among the clutter are 206 soft toys, 29 throws, hundreds of books and mountains of clothes, Trevor’s extensive toolkit, plus all the furniture, beds and kitchen items. For Sarah, it’s almost too much emotional baggage to deal with, but with some tough love from her daughter, giving to a veterans charity in Trevor’s honour, and renovating her beloved grandfather’s chest, they achieve their side of the deal by clearing the decks 50 percent.

Led by Gordon, Nick’s team work on a miracle makeover on the whole house — repurposing the garden shed and garage, creating a light and airy sewing room for Sarah and a brand new study for Stevie, and making more room for Hermonie to play. But the hardest task of all is creating a living room that both mum and daughter can enjoy when they have completely different tastes!

Returns Thursday 28th April at 8pm on Channel 5.


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