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Mock The Week | Series 21 Preview (BBC Two)

The BBC has announced that Mock The Week is to end, after 21 series and 200+ episodes. The upcoming Autumn series will be the last.

Dara O Briain and Hugh Dennis present the first episode of the long-running topical comedy show’s final series, with guests Rhys James, Maisie Adam and Ed Byrne.

The BBC confirms: "The next series of Mock The Week will be the last, we are really proud of the show but after 21 series we have taken the difficult decision in order to create room for new shows...

"We would like to thank Angst Productions, host Dara O Briain, panellist Hugh Dennis and all the guest comedians involved in the show across the 21 series."

Angst Productions say: "We're naturally hugely disappointed that Mock The Week is coming to an end and hope that we will be able to resurface somewhere some day in the future...

"However, the last seventeen years on BBC Two have been an absolute blast, it's been a great privilege to work closely with scores of truly incredible performers and we'd also like to take the opportunity to thank the BBC and all our many fans around the world for their support over the years."

Dara O Briain comments: "That's it folks; the UK has finally run out of news. The storylines were getting crazier and crazier; Global pandemics, divorce from Europe, novelty short-term Prime Ministers...

"It couldn't go on. And so, regretfully, we are closing the doors on Dara and Hugh's Academy for Baby Comedians. We just couldn't be more silly than the news was already. Huge thanks to all our guests over the years, so many of whom went on to huge successes of their own, and never write or call. It was a joy!"

The final episodes of Mock The Week will air on BBC Two from Friday on BBC Two.


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