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Miriam Margolyes: Australia Unmasked | Preview (BBC Two)

Miriam Margolyes begins her Australian adventure in the former penal settlement of Lutruwita, Tasmania, questioning how a 'fair go' could have begun in a place like this. As she bumbles her way from north to south, Miriam is confronted with the complexities of Tasmania’s rich history.

From the dichotomy between colonial Australia and indigenous peoples to the state’s conservative past with LGBTQIA+ rights, Miriam navigates confronting truths all while meeting those still fighting for a fair go.

Along the way, she encounters indigenous activist Michael Mansell, tucks into some road kill with independent politician Jacqui Lambie, and comes face to face with the state’s shocking illiteracy issues.

As she begins to reveal her own personal battles along this journey, Miriam discovers that the fair go is an ideal worth fighting for.

Miriam Margolyes: Australia Unmasked begins 27th December on BBC Two.


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