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Mary Berry's Fantastic Feasts | Preview (BBC One)

Dame Mary Berry knows a thing or two about cooking up a fantastic feast, so she is sharing her cooking skills with three novice cooks - fireman Mark, youth worker Callum and boxing instructor Thaer - who want to throw a spectacular afternoon tea to say thank you to Soraya, who runs a local youth charity.

Mary has also enlisted the help of Roman Kemp and Celebs Go Dating’s Tom Read Wilson. While Mary will focus on getting the novice cooks up to speed in the kitchen, Roman and Tom oversee the extras that will make this party extra special. They are also on hand to offer moral support when temperatures rise in the kitchen.

Thaer, Mark and Callum from Cardiff have had their fair share of cooking disasters. Mark has never followed a recipe in his life, Callum’s Nan does most of the cooking, and Thaer once threw a pot away because it was so burnt. Mary has her work cut out turning the three novices into capable cooks able to serve up a fantastic feast.

The dishes chosen by Mary for this spectacular afternoon tea are red pepper, cheese and chive tartlets, mini scones with strawberry jam and clotted cream and a four-tier clementine cake. Tom heads to the Women’s Institute to make jam fit for the scones, while Roman tries his first ever cup of tea as he tries to find a brew worthy of the party.

Then it’s time to step things up as they head to Langley Hall near Cardiff to cook their fantastic feast and give Soraya the surprise of a lifetime.

Mary Berry's Fantastic Feasts begins Wednesday 9th March at 8pm on BBC One.


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