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The Madame Blanc Mysteries: Christmas Special | Preview (Channel 5)

In Series 2 of The Madame Blanc Mysteries renowned and respected antiques dealer Jean White returns fresh from surviving an attempt on her life by the duplicitous Barbara.

Jean’s expertise in the world of antiquities and antiques once again proves the key to solving a series of murders and mysteries against the backdrop of the beautiful French village of Sainte Victoire. Across the series, we also find Jean and Dom growing ever closer – but will their friendship finally grow into something more?

Love rolls into town for Gloria, and Barbara has deadly plans to finish what she began in Series 1. It’s Christmas in the beautiful town of Sainte Victoire; lights are twinkling and choirs are singing. Jean is looking forward to spending it with her new friends, and Dom’s Uncle Patrick is coming to stay. But trouble is brewing!

Chief of police Andre Caron’s wife is brutally murdered, and the finger is pointing squarely at him. The investigator on the case, Inspector Gauthier, holds a personal grudge and is intent on bringing Caron down. Caron begs Jean to clear his name, and she’s quickly pulled into the world of international art dealing, intrigue and money laundering.

Can Jean persuade Inspector Gauthier that Caron is innocent and bring the real murderer to justice? Meanwhile, Dom’s Uncle Patrick and his grandson Archie are visiting for Christmas, and Jeremy and Judith are staging a Christmas grotto to raise money for the Sainte Victoire theatre.

Uncle Patrick is a reformed career thief, but he quickly finds the inhabitants of Sainte Victoire have plenty to tempt him back to his old ways! Locals’ wallets go missing and everyone in La Couronne is too distracted by Jeremy and Judith’s disastrous grotto to notice Uncle Patrick steal Celine’s precious music box – the last memory she has of her father.

Frustrated by their failed Christmas grotto, Jeremy and Judith are persuaded by Gloria to run a secret Santa to raise money for the theatre instead. Everyone will exchange presents in La Couronne on Christmas Eve! When Dom accidentally tells Archie about his grandfather’s past in jail, Archie is shocked.

Even more so when he discovers that Uncle Patrick has stolen the music box. Can Archie help him back on the right path in time for Christmas? Join all our regulars for a festive story of murder, mystery and suspense, all wrapped up with a classic Christmas twist.

The Madame Blanc Mysteries airs Thursday 22nd December on Channel 5.


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