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The Madame Blanc Mysteries | Series 3 Preview (Channel 5)

Judith and Jeremy have leant their boat Rita to a group of marine biologists. Whilst diving, Gary, one of the marine biologists, discovers a rare gold coin and pockets it, but tragedy soon strikes when he goes into cardiac arrest in the water.

Caron shows Jean the treasure and enlists her help to investigate Gary’s death. Were this team of scientists really combing the seabed for minerals or could something else have led to Gary’s death?

When Jean wants Dom to help with the investigation by asking him to pretend to be a Numismatist - a person who authenticates coins for commercial purposes – Caron strongly advises them both to leave this kind of work to the police. But will this stop the investigative pair?

Meanwhile, Gloria is struggling with her father Trevor’s behaviour and decides that it’s no longer acceptable and she can’t stand for it any longer. She asks him to leave, and he moves from Gloria’s to the Chateau where Judith is appalled to discover some of his habits.

Finally, Jean discovers an important clue that could answer who is responsible for Gary’s death, but should this treasure stay buried?

The Madame Blanc Mysteries returns Thursday 5th January at 9pm on Channel 5.


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