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Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace | Series 6 Preview (ITV1)

The award-winning series returns - using the latest DNA technology, genealogy and decades of experience, lead social worker Ariel Bruce and her team find answers to the seemingly impossible questions foundlings have about their identity.

Presenters Davina McCall and Nicky Campbell are there to support the foundlings who were abandoned as babies but do not want to be defined simply by how they started their lives - however, they have questions which are left when you have no clue as to who your birth parents were or why they left you.

Among the few details our searchers know about their start in life is the location where they were left - each situation is unique, but leaves every foundling with the burning question: where do I come from?

In this series, we feature stories of babies left in a phone box, an underground car park, in a shopping basket tucked into a hedge and on the steps of a Dublin church - some of these babies were newborn while others had been with their mothers and perhaps fathers for weeks.

In one extraordinary episode, we take on a search on behalf of a foundling left in the waiting room of a train station over 50 years ago - and with that, unlock the identity of not one but two unmarried women unable to bring their babies home.

As well as six new searches, a special episode of Born Without Trace: What Happened Next? revisits two foundlings who have seen their families expand beyond anything they could have imagined since they featured in previous series.

Long Lost Family: Born Without Trace returns Monday 10th June at 9pm on ITV1.


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