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Life And Death In The Warehouse | Preview (BBC Three)

Warehouse work is now the most realistic option in many places for young people leaving education.

Hidden behind a firewall of paranoid secrecy, distribution centres are the Victorian workhouses of the present day.

Pregnant women routinely fall below their target 'pick rates' and are subjected to constant CCTV and algorithmic surveillance, “self enhancement plans” and obsessive monitoring.

Inspired by real-world events from Britain and around the world, the series tells the story of a young Welsh worker Alys, who falls pregnant. Her childhood friend Megan joins the warehouse on a fast-track manager scheme and is given the task of getting Alys’ pick rate back up.

Will Megan drink the corporate Kool-Aid to hang onto her job? And is she prepared to put Alys’ pregnancy at risk?

Life And Death In The Warehouse airs Monday 7th March at 9pm on BBC Three.


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