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Ladhood | Series 3 Preview (BBC Three)

The forthcoming series of Ladhood (6x25), the critically acclaimed coming-of-age BBC Three comedy series made by BBC Studios Comedy Productions is set to conclude this September.

In the third and final series, young Liam (Oscar Kennedy) stands on the threshold of adulthood, as he approaches the end of sixth form and eyes up a potential place at a top university.

All he has to do is ace the interview, nail his exams, and not get side-tracked by the more exciting adventures on offer with his best mates Ralph (Samuel Bottomley), Addy (Aqib Khan) and Craggy (Shaun Thomas). How hard can that be?

As in previous series, the noughties timeline runs in parallel to scenes of Liam in the present day, reflecting on his teenage years in Garforth and trying his best not to make the same mistakes again.

Liam Williams says: “It's been a bittersweet privilege to make this final full series of Ladhood with an unimprovable cast and crew and an excellent new director, Ruth Pickett...

"Thanks to everyone who's ever watched or contributed to the programme, not least producer Joe Nunnery for whose hard work and dedication I am almost inexpressibly grateful”.

Ladhood returns Monday 5th September on BBC Three.


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