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Katie Piper’s Jailhouse Mums | Preview (W)

Broadcaster, author and philanthropist, Katie Piper immerses herself in the United States' judicial system to follow the delivery and often complicated processing of babies and children in some of the most talked about prisons in the US.

Over five compelling episodes Katie joins female prisoners who are not only negotiating a prison term but who are also parents and coming to terms with what that means for their children's future.

Each prison has a different approach to women managing pregnancy and parenthood. The series explores the different ways women and their children are treated and how they cope with the heart-breaking prospect of having to give up their babies while they serve their time.

Episode 1: Katie Piper travels to America, where nearly 60,000 pregnant women are locked up each year. Katie visits Cobb County Jail in Georgia and meets pregnant women who face being separated from their babies just hours after giving birth.

Katie Piper's Jailhouse Mums begins Wednesday 21st June at 10pm on W.

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