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PREVIEW: Jay's Yorkshire Workshop, BBC Two

Connor nominates Jack for a surprise thank you from Jay and the team. Connor had a life-threatening liver condition.

He meets Jay to explain that Jack, who was a complete stranger to him, responded to a social media post asking if anyone would be willing to donate half of their liver in a bid to save Connor’s life. They became friends after the operations and then fell in love. With the two soon to set up home together, expert woodworker Saf and his team craft a stunning mid-century-inspired sideboard for Jack, who has no idea what Jay and the team have in store for him.

Sue visits the workshop to meet Jay and nominate the care home staff where her mother-in-law lives in Doncaster. The staff selflessly left their own loved ones behind and moved into the care home when COVID first hit to keep the residents safe.

It worked, and no residents caught COVID. Sue wants their efforts to be recognised, so expert woodworker Ciaran designs a 13-foot-wide curved arbour, which his team build for the care home staff and residents to enjoy in their garden.

Finally, Isabelle’s team create a bespoke sewing box with exquisite marquetry for a mum who runs a support group helping families with additional needs.

Jay's Yorkshire Workshop begins Wednesday 18th August at 9pm on BBC Two.


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