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Jac Jossa: Me And Periods | Preview (ITVBe)

After sharing her excruciating painful period experiences with her 3.2 million Instagram followers, actor Jacqueline Jossa is on a personal journey to investigate the condition of painful periods with medical experts as well as start a fresh conversation about period

As well as her own personal medical journey, we will see how her periods impact Jacqueline’s family, working life and general wellbeing.

We will follow Jacqueline as she meets influencers that are on a mission to educate people about periods in a new way and discovers the effects that period stigma has on us all.

In a candid, yet upbeat, personally authored piece from ITV Studios Daytime, Jacqueline's determined to play a role in ending the taboo nature of periods, to blow the lid off the 'shush' attitudes to 'being on' and persuade people to start talking about periods.

The documentary will air on ITVBe, as part of a wider series of female-focused factual documentaries.

The four factual specials will uncover topics close to the hearts of ITV’s most-loved female personalities, including actor Jacqueline Jossa, British Olympic Boxer Nicola Adams, singer and actress Hannah Spearritt and Original The Real Housewives of Cheshire star Tanya Bardsley.

Each in turn emotional, poignant and personal, the documentaries will aim to shed light on serious topics women face in today’s society, hoping to find answers and raise awareness in the process.

Each hour-long episode will focus on a different topic, from fertility issues such as IVF, to devastating symptoms following cosmetic surgery, to the everyday reality of living with an ADHD diagnosis.

Amanda Stavri, ITV’s Commissioning Editor of Reality TV said “At ITV we’re committed to depicting real-life stories for our viewers, in an authentic and truthful way- tackling important issues, myth-busting and providing important insight to create and instil change....

"These four equally brilliant documentaries would not have been possible without Jacqueline, Nicola & Ella, Hannah and Tanya’s support and bravery, and so we’d like to pass on our thanks to them for sharing their personal experiences to help raise awareness and bring these real-life issues to light.”

Airs this September on ITVBe.


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