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Impeachment: American Crime Story | Preview (BBC Two)

Linda Tripp’s 1998 betrayal of Monica Lewinsky, setting her up to be questioned by lawyers for Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr, had its roots five years earlier.

Sidelined from the White House after the suicide of her boss, Tripp feels ill-used. She considers selling her story to sensation-hungry literary agent Lucianne Goldberg, but inside knowledge has a limited shelf-life.

But when chance brings West Wing outcast Monica to Linda’s Pentagon workplace in 1996, she recognises a kindred spirit in the former intern.

Meanwhile, an article about a sexual harassment accusation against Bill Clinton while he was Governor of Arkansas forces a reluctant Paula Jones into the nation’s gaze when she decides to start a lawsuit.

Impeachment: American Crime Story begins Tuesday 19th October at 9:15pm on BBC Two.

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