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We Hunt Together | Series 1 Preview (BBC One)

A psychological thriller and romance, We Hunt Together explores the dangerous power of desire and questions who is really to blame when the damaged do damage.

UKTV Original crime drama We Hunt Together, written by Gaby Hull (Cheat), stars Eve Myles (Keeping Faith, Broadchurch) and Babou Ceesay (Dark Money, National Treasure) alongside rising stars Dipo Ola (Baghdad Central, Inside No.9) and Hermione Corfield (Star Wars The Last Jedi, Rust Creek, Mission Impossible).

The six-part thriller begins with the collision of two extraordinary people; Baba, played by Dipo Ola, a former child soldier desperate to suppress his violent conditioning, and Freddy, played by Hermione Corfield, a magnetic and disarmingly charming free spirit. When Baba rescues Freddy from an attack following a date that has turned sour, something dark is ignited in them both.

In this bold new take on the classic cat and mouse story, two star-crossed killers are on the loose with two dysfunctional detectives in hot pursuit.

DS Lola Franks, played by Eve Myles, and DI Jackson Mendy, played by Babou Ceesay, have to come to terms with their mismatched partnership and polar opposite outlooks on the culpability of the criminal mind as they try to outsmart the killers.

We Hunt Together begins Monday 26th June at 10:35pm on BBC One.


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