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The Hotel Inspector | Preview (Channel 5)

The first stop in the new series for hotel inspector Alex Polizzi is the LG Thai Derm Spa and Guest House in Loughborough, run by first-time hoteliers husband and wife Hasmeeta and Bharat.

When the couple took over two years ago, they fell in love with a unique Thai-themed business that boasts a Thai spa with treatment rooms, a 24-seat Thai restaurant and 10 guest rooms. They ploughed their hearts, souls and life savings into it.

The business survived the pandemic — but at huge cost. That cost is evident as Alex discovers dirty rooms, a broken spa and chaotic management. Not to mention the unintentionally unsavoury vibe and signage to boot.

Hasmeeta and Bharat are losing money hand over fist, and say they’ve tried everything — but the Hotel Inspector is not convinced. Alex isn’t afraid to get her hands dirty and lays her cards out on the newly cleaned table: there’s a complete restructure needed, a rebrand and a facelift.

But, crucially, the couple need to get a grip and run the business, not let the business run them! Will the couple take Alex’s expert business advice, and make this the Eastern-inspired retreat they have dreamed of?

The Hotel Inspector returns Thursday 16th June at 9pm on Channel 5.


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