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Guy Martin's Great British Power Trip | Preview (Channel 4)

Guy Martin investigates how Britain makes its power and why it costs so much, blowing up a power station in the process. The Lincolnshire lorry mechanic and motorcycle racer investigates the past, present and future of British energy.

He gets involved with hands-on work at every stage of the energy production process - from inside the boiler at the country's biggest power station, to the top of the highest pylons, and the most advanced nuclear fusion lab in the world, where he'll conduct an experiment that brings us one step closer to unlimited, clean energy.

This first episode begins with Guy testing every piece of equipment in his workshop to find out which items use the most electricity. Horrified by what he's now having to pay for power, Guy tries to work out the reasons behind his big bills. He visits his local power station - which also happens to be the country's biggest.

He works deep inside Drax in Yorkshire, operating its mills and boilers, to see how the wood pellets it burns are turned into electricity - and finds out why that process is so controversial.

Plus, Guy climbs to the top of a pylon to try his hand at being an electrical grid linesman, one of the riskiest maintenance jobs in the world, before helping an explosives team demolish one of Britain's oldest coal-burning power stations - moving the country closer to net zero emissions in the most spectacular way possible.

The full series will be available to stream or download for free on All 4 after the transmission of this episode on Sunday 12th February.


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