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Gino: Like Mama Used To Make | Preview (ITV)

Gino D’Acampo is returning to his motherland to learn more from the Mammas of Italy for a new ITV series.

In this personal food odyssey, Gino will be travelling the length and breadth of Italy from Naples, Florence and Bologna to encounter local dishes from families and their matriarchs along the way.

The 6x30 series from Betty TV celebrates the women who have fed Italy and shaped the country’s cuisine through the ages.

Starting in his place of birth, Torre Del Greco in Napoli, where he learnt to cook in the kitchens of his Nonna Flora and Mamma Alba, Gino is going back to his roots to celebrate all the women whose kitchens have fuelled Italy through their incredible food.

With recipes including Pasta al Genovese, Steak Fiorentine and Tortellini, Gino will have his work cut out to keep up with the women running the kitchens which he visits.

Gino said: “From learning to make pizza at the fingertips of my Nonna Flora, to stirring simmering pots of ragu in my mamma’s kitchen. From the first meatballs I rolled with my aunty Clara to the Spaghetti Vongole that I make for my own family...

"My journey as a chef is all thanks to two generations of women, who without their passion for the food that they fed their families, I would not be where I am.”

Begins Sunday 4th September at 7:30pm on ITV.


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