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Ghosts US | Preview (BBC Three)

The US version of hit BBC comedy Ghosts is reportedly coming to the UK on BBC Three from Sunday 13 November.

Like the UK version, the US version follows a young couple who move into a grand country mansion which is inhabited by ghosts from various periods in history. The twist - only one half of the couple can see and hear the ghosts.

In the US adaptation, married New Yorkers Samantha and Jay Arondekar believe that their dreams have come true when they inherit a beautiful country house from Sophie Woodstone, a distant relative of Sam's.

They arrive to find that it is falling apart and inhabited by ghosts who died on the mansion's grounds and are now bound to the area until they can reach the afterlife. Jay cannot see or hear the ghosts, but Samantha can, after having a near-death experience.

Ghosts USA stars Rose McIver and Utkarsh Ambudkar, alongside Brandon Scott Jones, Danielle Pinnock, Richie Moriarty, Asher Grodman, Sheila Carrasco, Devan Chandler Long, Rebecca Wisocky and Román Zaragoza.

Pilot: A young couple's dreams come true when they inherit a beautiful country house, only to find it's both falling apart and inhabited by many of the deceased previous residents.

S1E1: After falling down the stairs and suffering a concussion, Sam now sees the ghosts but believes she's hallucinating. The ghosts try to think of ways to convince her they really are there.

Ghosts US begins Sunday 13th November and continues every night at 8:30pm on BBC Three. There are 18 episodes in total.

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