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Freeze: Skating On The Edge | Preview (BBC Three)

The gap between failure and everything you’ve ever dreamed of separated by barely half a centimetre of steel. Welcome to the glamorous, dangerous, beautiful world of figure skating.

Filmed over twelve months and released as two separate box-sets, this stylish documentary series has front row seats as these young skaters dedicate every hour, every ounce of energy, and all the glitter eye make-up they can find, in pursuit of their dreams.

In episode one, Sheffield ice skater and reigning British champion PJ faces the fight of his life as he competes against the biggest names in global figure skating at the World Championships.

In Oxford, a lift goes wrong for new Pairs team Harry and Lydia, and upcoming ice-dance talent Billy goes in search of a perfect partner.

Freeze: Skating On The Edge begins Saturday 5th February on BBC Three.

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