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Cons And Swindles: The Football Fraudster | Preview (ITV1)

When his promising professional football career ends, Medi Abalimba turns to an astonishing life of crime - this film tracks what followed as the fraudster poses as stars from the world of sport and business to scam multiple unsuspecting victims.

We hear from Medi’s victims - including Love Island star Georgia Steel - as they reveal how this accomplished fraudster earned their trust before betraying them in the most devastating ways.

And forensic psychologist Dr Donna Youngs provides context and insight into what might have driven the escalation in Medi’s crimes and how easy it was to fall under his spell.

This brand-new film shows how, over a criminal career spanning two decades, Abalimba develops his MO by coming up with bigger and more elaborate scams featuring multiple personas and targets - and all while living the life of a millionaire with designer clothes, flash cars, helicopters and five-star hotels.

As the film will ultimately discover, no-one is safe from this most accomplished of fraudsters...

Stream now on ITVX and airs Wednesday 3rd July on ITV1.


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