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PREVIEW: First Dates (S17E1), Channel 4

It's a brand new series and once again the First Dates restaurant throws open its doors to single people looking for love.

First into the restaurant is Praem. The 29-year-old wellness practitioner is on his first date ever and is looking for a fellow nerd. PR co-ordinator Aisha has a perfect man in mind, a glasses-wearing hero with a Clark Kent complex. The pair hit it off with a shared love of Japanese culture, but Praem's nerves threaten to get the better of him.

Police detective Claire is hoping to solve the case of a missing boyfriend as she meets ex-copper Matty. Entrepreneur Brad arrives in his Aston Martin. But despire the flash exterior, Brad is keen to settle down. Could successful city banker Yasmin be the one?

Actor Rob craves the role of boyfriend. His date is Jess, a journalist and Latin ballroom dancer.

The next episode will be available - to stream or download for free - on All 4, on Monday 6 September, following transmission of this one.

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