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First Dates | Series 18 Preview (Channel 4)

First up this time to get the new series started is comedy queen Carol. One time star of Monty Python, Carol had a sparkling acting career. She meets 76-year-old interior designer Keith. Could he be the leading man she's been waiting for all these years?

Twenty-six-year-old Charles has never had a girlfriend and is yet to experience his first kiss. Could 22-year old Freya be the one to change that? With a shared passion for origami, it isn't long before Charles impresses Freya with his talents, but when the words 'I love you' get spoken, has Charles jumped too soon?

Merritt and Emma are sisters from south London and both single. After years of mothering her younger sister, 32-year-old Merritt is ready to be romanced. She's in luck when she's matched with smooth-talking musician Miles, who lays on the charm and even gifts her a cactus. But will she be able to focus on her date with sister Emma in earshot?

Emma has a fun-filled date with nursery worker Damani, where the wine and shots flow freely. But will both sisters take each other's advice and leave the restaurant with plus ones?

The next episode of the new series of First Dates is available for a first look on All 4 straight after episode one on Thursday 6th January.

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