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The Famous Five: The Eye Of The Sunrise | Preview (BBC One)

Joining the cast for a new epic adventure, The Famous Five - The Eye Of The Sunrise, are Jason Flemyng (Snatch) as circus magician the Great Supremo and Art Malik (True Lies) as Sir Lincoln Aubrey.

It’s late August 1939 and George comes across the Great Supremo who is on the run from malevolent pursuers. She manages to convince her cousins that they should protect him and the Five hide him in their den where he tells them about a powerful treasure he guards, the Eye of the Sunrise.

But the Five’s promise proves impossible to keep as Dr Rosamund Graves and her burly assistant Bradley arrive from the local psychiatric institute to take Supremo away. He’s not just a magician, he’s a psychiatric patient. Can the Five trust anything he says?

But George believes in Supremo and she wonders if Dr Graves’ care is really in the Supremo’s best interest?

In an action-packed episode, the Five take on another epic adventure as the circus comes to town and they must contend with new adversaries, a terrifying new threat and an old enemy now offering the hand of friendship.

George is played by Diaana Babnicova, Julian by Elliott Rose, Dick by Kit Rakusen, Anne by Flora Jacoby Richardson, Jo by Tilly Walker, Dr Graves by Emma Paetz, Bradley by Arthur Sylense, Wentworth by Jack Gleeson, Fanny by Ann Akinjirin and Quentin by James Lance.

The Famous Five returns Sunday 26th May on iPlayer and Monday 27th May on BBC One.


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