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Domino Day | Preview (BBC Three)

Upcoming modern-day witchcraft drama Domino Day, created and written by the BAFTA-nominated Lauren Sequeira and developed and produced by Fremantle’s Dancing Ledge Productions (The Responder, The Salisbury Poisonings), for BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

Domino Day is a mixed-race 24-year-old Londoner out on a date with finance bro Jason in a swanky Manchester bar.

She works as a barista in a local coffee bar, and also happens to be a witch. The type of witch who needs to feed. Hence… Jason. Domino urges them back to his luxury apartment but when Jason tries to attack her, she turns the tables on him, and uses her magic to overpower him, block his memory and feed on him.

Little does she know that Jason has secretly filmed everything. In the days that follow, Jason desperately tries to track down this woman who he can’t really remember, but who he has footage of doing something weird to him, while Domino finds herself on the radar of a local coven determined to find out who she is.

Siena Kelly is joined across the series by Babirye Bukilwa (We Hunt Together, Neighbors), Poppy Lee Friar (In My Skin, Life And Death In The Warehouse), Alisha Bailey (Call the Midwife, Strike) and Molly Harris (Industry, Monsoon) as the Coven. Sam Howard-Sneyd (Clarity and Chaos, The Children).

Plus Percelle Ascott (The Innocents, I Came By), Lucy Cohu (COBRA, Dangerous Liaisons), Christopher Jeffers (Rocketman, Coronation Street), Jonah Rzeskiewicz (Death on the Nile, The Dig) and Maimuna Memon (Sherwood, Lazarus) also star.

Domino Day begins Wednesday 31t January at 9pm on BBC Three.


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