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Code Blue: One Punch Killers | Preview (ITV1)

This new documentary in ITV's Code Blue series explores the issue of one-punch killings after there were a reported 82 deaths of this type across the UK over the past five years.

With rare access to detectives, the film looks at three cases - two killings and one assault. One case study features a victim who is left picking up the pieces of his life after a one-punch attack left him with a fractured skull and lasting mental trauma. In another case, officers look into the case of the brother of two Welsh international rugby players who was murdered outside a nightclub in Neath.

The programme also explores the role of alcohol and violent culture and speaks to family members and friends left devastated by the deaths and injury of their loved ones. It also considers the tricky question of when a drunken argument turns to violence, whether those convicted intended to kill their victim.

Code Blue: One Punch Killers airs Tuesday 18th June at 9pm on ITV1.


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